Film Adventures 2.0

Take me on a journey far away from here. With music, coffee, and film. Let me document your life. Bands let me tour with you. Films let me be your still photographer. Life give me some good coffee and awesome people to be around. I need to be creative and have a camera in my hand. That's how I live. 

I never got around to posting these film photos. Got some more developed last week and scanned them. Some are from a wedding in Mississippi, day trip to New Orleans, Halloween, and on set for Hollow.

I need to travel more. I want to tour with a band and make a tour book filled with photographs. With polaroids, film and digital photography. I want to work 12 hour days for multiple days in a row on film sets taking photos. I'm glad I found photography when I was 13. It's been 10 years and I still love it.